If you need any download information:

EastShare Mod Homepage : http://pre-tender.myweb.hinet.net/index_e.htm

Pure eMule Official Homepage : http://www.emule-project.net/home/perl/general.cgi?l=1


For the more information of using the program, please surf the official website.


——————Now. Let’s Start!—————————–

This is welcome picture you will see.

The version in the picture is old. But, it’s okay, they are all the same!

The following is the first frame when you open it.

If you want search the file or download, the first thing to do when you open the eMule is to click the  button. It will automatically connect to the eMule network.(Both the server and the Kad Network)

What you see on the picture is a lot of servers, but, bot all of the server is fast and safe.

I’m sorry to say the following words. I know you are come from the USA, but the most of the servers from the USA are report as not safe. Why? Because most of them have hacker behind it, when you connect the server, they’ll get your private!

The server I recommended is come from Netherlands OR France. Just like the pictures below. Click it twice and it will connect to it.

That’s why I want to EastShare MOD eMule, only with this, it offer the function that where the servers is from.

——————–Then, talking about transfer file.———————————

Click this button, and you’ll see the downloading file.

When the files are finish download the progress line will turn green, then, you can open  the file!

If you are download a movie(RM, WMV, AVI… etc.), music(MP3, MP4, RA… etc.) OR a zipped file(RAR, ZIP… etc.), when the file beginning of the progress is turning black, it means that the first part of it is already download to your computer.

Then you can click the right click, and choose the preview function. And with the preview function, you can also check if you have download the correct files.


This is the most important part of eMule, it is the search function!

The search mehod I recommended is choose the Kad Network, just like the arrow in the picture. Then,  type the name what you want to search, and press the start!

Then, you will see a lot of files to choose.

When you choose the files, I advise you to download with the higher availability. It means that there are so many people have the files. This will make your download speed more fast!


This page show how many files you share to everybody, and, what you have already download are also in it. Click the file twice and it will open it. (Only when the file is already finish download.)

Remember, the most files you share, and you’ll get the higher upload speed, then you’ll get the most HASH point(You can’t see it on the program, it only work at the background.). The most HASH point you get, the higher download speed you’ll get. Above all, the most upload speed you provide, the most download speed you’ll get!


This two page I don’t want to make too much introduction, just because it is talk to the people who is offer the file to you or download the files from you. Above all, the function is offer the method that you can contact to the people who also use the eMule.


Click the button, you can see your downloading and uploading information.


The button is the setting of eMule, you can try it by your self!


Click the button, you’ll get the following menu. You may only choose the first one to open the incoming folder to explore your files.


That’s all! eMule is a convenient program that you can catch the files.

With this document, hope you can understand it.

PS.This is my first time written in English. I hope when you reading finish, leave some message to let me know you have already read this. And you also can give some advice about this page. I know my English is broken. Please correct me. Thank you.